I've been reading the U.S. Constitution lately, and I'm puzzled. Would someone tell me where it says power is to be concentrated in the hands of one, or even a few individuals, allowing them to run the government like their own personal toy.

The Founding Fathers were intelligent thinkers. They wrote what's considered one of the greatest government documents ever. Wouldn't you agree? Therefore, I think it's an imagination stretch that they left loopholes in it.

With so many lawyers in Congress, why is the government having such a hard time following the law, i.e. the Constitution?

In my opinion, if anyone in government, goodness forbid, told witnesses to ignore legal subpoenas, didn't exercise their authority to stop that, or hindered votes designed to protect our elections from foreign intervention, and by extension, protect the American people, it would smack of breaking the law, aiding and abetting and failure of duty to defend America.

I'm no lawyer, so what do you think? Historically, most of our leaders either couldn't find these loopholes, or knew better than to look for them.

Congress has the authority, and obligation, to prevent these abuses. Does it have the courage?

I'll keep looking for these loopholes. Maybe they are in the white print (between the lines), or the fine print (I haven't gotten there yet).

So, come on, Congress, the American people — you remember, they elected you — need you now, to enforce checks and balances and accountability. That's real democracy in action.



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