Election signs and tulips are popping up around the neighborhood. It must be time to get serious about our local election.

There is a pressing need to replace the present Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District Board members. Only one board member has been elected. The rest were appointed without serious past experience.

I feel they have not fully used their positions and, instead, relied upon others' directions and opinions. This may account for what happened when they purchased Broadway Middle School.

One member tells us we don't see "the vision." This is weak, and cannot be supported by common sense. What was needed was a willingness to take professional advice and comments from the public before they allowed the purchase of the old building.

We need to look at the five extremely qualified citizens who are offering their service. Steve Morrison is an example of one of the business people bringing lifetime skills in strategic planning and financially sound decision-making.

Steve, and the other candidates, will use their business expertise to bring order to both the board and the management structure. Logical thinking that is mission-driven, based on facts, will bring order and practicality to this middle school purchase.

Steve is new to the community, but will support best business practices and programs that provide for the needs of all members of the community.

Time-tested professional, responsible and educated leadership is being offered. What a wonderful opportunity for the future of the SEPRD.

Vote for a constructive and positive change.