President Joe Biden is rolling up his sleeves and getting to work. He wants to end this pandemic and help us return to normal. I hope the Republican Party will get out of the way and let that happen.

So far, what we have seen from Republicans in Congress is continuing support for former President Donald Trump, whose lies about the election many of them supported.

Few Republican leaders have had the good sense and courage to condemn his incitement of the attack on the Capitol, even when they saw firsthand the death, destruction and terror that caused. Of course, some Republicans in Congress participated, helping spread the lies and enabling the insurrection.

The Oregon Republican Party has continued spreading these lies about the election, and last week adopted a resolution reaffirming their support of the conspiracy theories.

These Republicans are not just creating a distraction from the work we need to get done. They are a continuing threat to our democracy. They need to retract their lies and admit responsibility. Only then can we move forward and return to normal.