On Dec. 12, the Astoria City Council voted 3-2 in favor of allowing a wealthy, out-of-state hotel developer to construct a four-story, shoe-box shaped, view-blocking, out of proportion monstrosity along our riverfront, and in so doing, voted against the residents of Astoria ("Riverfront hotel project in Astoria wins appeal," The Daily Astorian, Dec. 13).

In a packed City Hall, a stream of residents provided unanimous testimony against permitting the hotel as proposed. But a slick presentation by the hotelier's team bamboozled the mayor and two councilors into approving the 45-foot-high wall of a hotel just a few feet from the Riverwalk in the Bridge Vista section of Astoria.

One councilor's words will forever ring inside the council chambers — "In a few years you won't even notice the hotel is there."

The two votes for the people and our town were cast by Cindy Price and Zetty Nemlowill. Councilors Price and Nemlowill got it right, and provided valid logical reasons to reject the hotel as designed. Both are leaving the council in January but will long be remembered for their service, consistently thoughtful and meaningful opinions, and their input to council deliberations.

Their votes supported a vision of Astoria that recognizes the value of its history and preservation of its environment and character, while allowing and encouraging changes that will benefit the future community at large, rather than assisting a few individuals to profit at the expense of Astoria residents.



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