I felt something akin to awe reading "Rep. Mitchell prepares to donate a kidney" (The Astorian, Sept. 17). What courage. It reminds me of her courage in voting for measures that some in this community oppose, such as the ironically named #TimberUnity group.

Rep. Mitchell endeavors to explain her votes, both in her monthly letters and in her town hall meetings. She is straight-forward, fact-driven and concerned for her hardworking constituents, voting for laws that help those communities, not harm them, laws that support the environment and schools, laws that prevent pharmaceutical companies from raising drug prices without notice and laws that provide for greater transparency in campaign finance.

Of course, #TimberUnity members have every right to their opinion. However, a recall effort should be focused on malfeasance in office, not simply a disagreement with a particular vote or votes. You don't like the way Rep. Mitchell has voted? Then vote her out of office at the next general election. That is the way an orderly democracy works.



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