In three years, President Donald Trump's policies created a booming economy America hasn't seen for decades. Then President Trump had the courage to stop the economy in its tracks. And the foresight to take a wartime approach against the coronavirus.

Almost everybody in America is now heeding what President Trump and his administration recommends we all must do to win that war. But it's disgusting to read the insulting anti-Trump hogwash still being written. Seems to me there'll be plenty of time for political bickering after America's won the war against the coronavirus.

When information about the virus started leaking out of China, the media and some Democrats called President Trump a racist because he refused to allow noncitizens from China to enter America. The president's gutsy decision, when he recognized the danger, saved the country from even more excruciating pain.

No president in my lifetime has had to put up with more lies and made-up news from such a biased and corrupt media.

President Trump and Congress now working together means all workers will have their jobs back when the coronavirus war is won. And the stock market will roar again when business returns to normal.

When all is said and done, a grateful nation will return President Trump to the White House. Only this time, President Trump will remake the American greatness he intentionally put on hold while giving the highest priority to the health and welfare of us all.



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