When I read that the barricaded causeway at the East  Mooring Basin had slumped into the river, I immediately realized that sea otters were undoubtedly implicated.

I was mistaken to be critical of the Port of Astoria Commission when they voted unanimously to endorse a letter written by the West Coast Seafood Processors Association warning the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to consider the potential issues for port infrastructure in reintroducing sea otters anywhere on the entire Pacific Coast of the U.S.

Otters are agile, and can run quickly, and they say river otters can even climb trees. Otters move about on land with an awkward humping, thumping gait, and no doubt a mother otter in a big hurry with her litter of kids caused the causeway to collapse. I hope none were hurt.

I wish to retract my earlier criticism of the Port Commission.