We cannot ignore the climate crisis. In order to secure a healthy, sustainable planet, we need to face the dangerous changes occurring around us. In late September, more than 7 million people around the world demonstrated, demanding climate action.

Here in Astoria, as elsewhere, it is perilous to pretend we are safe. For the benefit of our future, and that of our children, we must demand the timber industry limit clearcutting, and stop all clearcutting and toxic spraying near our rivers and sea.

If we ignore this emergency, we will reap the suffering that folks in nearby Rockaway Beach, and other areas, are encountering right now — and it will only get worse for all of us.

We cannot fall for the propaganda that clearcutting is safe, and must continue to prevent loggers from losing their jobs. Many such jobs have already been eliminated, because these days machines often do the work that loggers have done in the past.

Climate scientists do not lie. We have everything to lose, and nothing to gain by ignoring this looming crisis.

Together, we can help create new jobs for loggers, and others, that will improve all our lives by eliminating fossil fuel pollution and clear cutting that benefits only the wealthy, and concentrating our energies on rebuilding our failing infrastructures, and improving our chances to survive and thrive.



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