Wouldn't it be nice if we could choose not to obey the laws? We weren't speeding. Our car simply accelerated on its own for some reason. The police officer misread the situation.

We weren't shoplifting. No one told us we had to buy the items. We thought the display meant they were free to take.

How sad the Republicans are making the same absurd arguments about impeachment. President Donald Trump is guilty by his own admission. He broke laws. There is mounting factual evidence and truthful testimony detailing what occurred. The president is, and should be, in deep trouble.

Yet every Republican is saying no big deal, this is just how Trump operates, the laws covering this should be ignored, no way our chosen leader should be ousted. How nice for them. Do we have a cult, or do we have a democracy?

Memo to Republicans: This has nothing to do with how dismayed many of us were at the results of the 2016 election. Perhaps they can ask themselves why a majority of Americans so vehemently want this guy out of office. Could it be because he is so un-American in the way he talks, thinks and acts?

My go-to question for his supporters has always been: What kind of a man would ever utter the words, 'John McCain is not a war hero?' I thought so.


Cannon Beach

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