President Donald Trump has been undermining and defying our democratic government. He has ignored the domestic and foreign emoluments clauses, which he described as "phony."

He obstructs the justice process by refusing to respond to lawful, congressional subpoenas and encourages others to, as well. He consistently labels anyone who disagrees with him as "losers" or "traitors."

He violates the law by calling the whistleblower a traitor/spy, and implying they should be hung. Even today, Trump and a senator demanded the whistleblower's identity be revealed, which appears to be a way to terrorize anyone who dares pull the covers back on their unlawful activities.

He uses the Justice Department as a tool of political enforcement, and contends the free press is an enemy of the people. He attempted to blackmail a foreign ally by refusing to release military aid if they didn’t announce the investigation of a political rival. He encouraged China, an adversarial government, to investigate a political rival.

This president has consistently spread false and misleading information to further his own agenda, while endangering the welfare of our country. He flagrantly dismantles our government, while seeking to declare himself its sole ruler.

We need checks and balances, despite the built-in frustrations they may create. Trump seeks not just to rule, but our subjugation. Don't be fooled.



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