If you have any misgivings at all of how 2016 went down, I urge you to act now to demand impeachment hearings in Congress.

Impeachment is not removal from office — Clinton was impeached, but not removed. Impeachment is the hearing process by which Congress, using its Constitutional authority, examines evidence that the president's crimes and misdemeanors make him unfit to serve.

With 180 pages of obstruction evidence in the Mueller report, we're at a critical juncture. You can either sit on the sidelines or take a stand by calling your members of Congress (Rep. Suzanne Bonamici 202-225-0855) to request impeachment hearings now.

Some Congressional leaders have been putting political calculus first. Their political calculus could well backfire. Would the GOP Senate under any circumstances remove Trump from office? I wouldn't bet on it. But the general public might take the failure to impeach, i.e. hold open hearings, as proof that President Donald Trump has done nothing wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Open impeachment hearings will have a far greater impact than piecemeal investigations. Our voices, loud and persistent and clear, are crucial in the coming days and weeks.

This is not about political gamesmanship or disgruntled Democrats. For the sake of our democracy, all of us who love America must be committed to the pursuit of truth. We must keep speaking up until Trump is fully called to account, out in the open, by the process our country's founders devised for times like this.



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Stephen Malkowski

Yes! Yes! Demand Impeachment! Demand it I say! Call your Congressman and demand impeachment proceedings begin immediately!

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