Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell has been serving the people in House District 32 with energy and determination. With her working family background, and her passion for preserving the great Northwest, we know we can depend on her judgment in the Legislature.

Why is this ridiculous recall petition being circulated? It is a misuse of the Oregon recall system, which was never intended to challenge elected officials simply because you disagree with them. Do your own research, and ignore that petition. That's just big money trying to fool you.

Portland's Andrew Miller of Stimson Lumber spent more than $1 million on political contributions in a single year, just to avoid doing the right thing.

In May, he laid off more than 60 Forest Grove workers in response to a tax increase to fund Oregon schools. His company grossed nearly $224 million in 2018. The total number of employees is now listed at 42. .

He and Julie Parrish, of West Linn, are ramming this campaign down our throats for one reason: Money. Lots of it.

This is not a matter of left vs. right. This is powerful companies, telling threatening lies to workers, just to manipulate them into supporting an irresponsible corporate agenda. That's not politics, that's deception.


Cannon Beach

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