A vote to recommend the height of buildings along the Astoria Riverwalk west of Second Street will happen Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. before the Astoria Planning Commission at City Hall.

While several commissioners are in favor of 28 feet, it appears there may be a majority pushing for 35 feet which, with roof-mounted equipment, means 40 feet ("Astoria considers waterfront changes," The Astorian, May 29). Try to think of what buildings in our town are about 40 feet high, and mentally place them along the Riverwalk.

The recent staff report (download at bit.ly/uniontown-reborn-draft) provided to councilors on the Uniontown Reborn project, where they are pushing for 45-foot-tall buildings, states “the step back requirement will help to break up the massing of a larger building and may preserve view corridors” (bottom of page 11 of 35).

In print, they say “may” preserve views, and when it doesn’t, we will not be able to complain. Do not allow taller/larger buildings, and you do not need to worry about breaking up their massing.

The recently approved 45- to 50-foot-tall Hotel Fairfield's bogus 10-foot step back doesn’t preserve views of the river or bridge, but it caused major problems in that there was no room left for parking of their 20 to 35 employees.

Please try to find the petition in town to limit the height to 28 feet, and sign it before this meeting on the 25th. It can be found at a couple of our coffee shops, one of our bakery/restaurants and a barbershop.



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