I do not condone the vandalism at Lisa Lamping’s home. However, the acts on Jan. 6 at the nation's Capitol made her home vandalism look like sidewalk chalk.

Lamping attended the protest in Washington, D.C. Her partners — like QAnon and the Proud Boys — destroyed public property, and five people died.

Lamping marched with people who wanted to hang Vice President Mike Pence and put a bullet in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's head.

People finally figured out former President Donald Trump was not a stable genius, but one of the most morally bankrupt human beings ever. You got suckered by a con, liar and one of the most disgusting presidents this country has ever had in its history.

And where did your great leader go after inciting this insurrection against the U. S. government  — saying we're going to march to the Capitol, and I'll be with you — well, your great leader climbed into his bullet- and bomb-proof vehicle, surrounded by the Secret Service, and drove off to the White House to comfortably sit on his backside watching the violent attack on TV.

I wonder how many times he pushed the red button requesting his Diet Coke while people were being killed.