Everyone who lives in Astoria and the surrounding area lives here for a reason. Not because of high-paying jobs, but because we love the small town feel and our water views. We love to go to dinner, lunch or coffee and see the river views.

But the governing bodies of Astoria care more about money than the people who live here, and call Astoria home. In an article in The Astorian, there is undeveloped land beyond Bay Street that the Port of Astoria leases to developer Mark Hollander, who wants to build a Marriott hotel there, which could block river views ("Proposal to preserve Uniontown views could limit Port," Oct. 3).

According to the article, Mayor Bruce Jones and City Counselor Tom Brownson supported allowing developers to get City Council approval for exceptions to the view protection rules. So if you come to town with big pockets full of money, you can buy your way around the view protection corridor rules.

Port Commissioner Dirk Rohne's rationale is if we don't allow these big hotels on our waterfront it could be "a threat to the future prosperity of the Port." If we allow them it could be a threat to Astoria's identity, which is the views. We could become another place like Honolulu — gigantic hotels shoulder to shoulder, lining the waterfront.

Big developers only care about taking view property in Astoria, slap a big hotel on it and line their pockets with money. Who then enjoys the view? Not the citizens of Astoria.



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