The draining of Fishhawk Lake is another indicator of folks having no idea about how their personal environment is connected to everything else around them ("State probes Fishhawk Lake draining," The Astorian, Aug. 27).

Looking at the connections of what we buy, what choices we make, the way in which we choose to live and how our local industries impact our living conditions is important to our quality and sustainability of life.

Our region is dependent on fish vitality, commercially and for sport. Sloppy craftmanship of the drainage system repair robbed the residents of their lake. However, is dam restoration the best solution?

The lake was an artificial, man-made water body built in the 1960s when the general public was clueless about streamside health, local soil and watershed concerns. It's a complex issue which needs the expertise of the Department of Environmental Quality, Fish and Wildlife and Clatsop County personnel to coordinate their talents to come up with the best possible solution for fish and aquatic habitat.

Human creativity and problem-solving have built pyramids, skyscrapers and amazing civilizations. We can solve our local problems without judgment. Looking for the best talents, within our state, to conquer difficulties within our environment. I know this can be worked out with a quality solution.



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