I don't understand this hatred for one's own country. How is it today that many men and women across the great U.S. disparage the land that has given them so much?

I was a student at Lewis and Clark back in the late 1980s, and took an interesting course on the history of Vietnam. It was particularly fascinating because the professor was a war protester during the conflict, and I am a combat infantry veteran who fought there in 1970 and 1971.

In the course of a discussion about the villagers we interacted with, I made the comment that what I had observed was that most of them genuinely liked GIs. Our instructor paused, and then said that in the past, he had believed the opposite, that the people there hated Americans.

However, he went on and admitted that he was forced to change his mind on this subject. He had visited after the war was over, and came to realize that what I had said was the truth, most of the Vietnamese people liked us.

Why is it that the men who fought in the Philippines during World War II, and in Italy — notwithstanding the fact that we were invaders of their homeland — still felt the people thought well of us? Ask those who were living in Eastern Europe under the Russians how they felt about their invaders.

I have difficulty with liberal ideas about my country.



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