I recently attempted to return some plastic containers to the local retailers where I had originally bought them as products I purchase on a regular basis, which have recyclable containers.

I was charged 10 cents per container, which would be refunded back to me when I returned these containers for recycling.

I could find no one that would accept me placing containers for refund in their machine as they would not allow anyone to use their recycle refund machines.

It appears to me that it is safe for me to purchase these containers with their contents and pay the redemption tax at time of purchase.

However, it is currently not allowed for me to return these same containers to the same store I purchased them for a refund of my recycling tax.

I have observed that the retail store employees that deal with the returns when they remove them from the return machines always wear gloves when handling these items.

I reject the reason that it is unsafe to return items for refund credit because of COVID-19 prevention. If I can safely purchase them, I should be able to safely return them for credit.

This is another decision I have been forced to comply with that has very little logic value behind it. Retailers are required to tax, less happy to refund.