As our communities remain at a standstill, it is becoming increasingly clear that some operations must push forward to help provide the vital services and products we all will need in the days and months ahead.

As people shelter in their homes, and do what they can to continue working (from home or elsewhere), take care of their families and pay their bills, some local residents seem to be trying to stir up fear that forestry activities are jeopardizing life and lungs of those at home in Clatsop County.

Concluding that a haze in the air is from forest activities such as burning or herbicides is concerning ("Smoky haze," The Astorian, April 18). If these activities are occurring, they are occurring under strict regulation from the Department of Environmental Quality and the Oregon Department of Forestry.

We are grateful to our farmers for growing the food on our grocery store shelves and kitchen tables, as well as the foresters growing and harvesting trees in order to keep the vitally important wood and paper products flowing during this time of crisis.

I appeal to the governor to not respond to these opportunistic scare tactics during this time. Forestry professionals are trying to ensure society has wood and paper products now, and for future generations. Furthermore, in times of need, it is best not to shut off critical care for our forests or jeopardize an industry that employs thousands on the North Coast.



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