The beaches and dunes of Fort Stevens State Park draw people from all over the world. For those of us who live here in the North Coast, we recognize that it is a fragile finger of wilderness that we treasure and need to take better care of.

The following are of concern to the many regular walkers that I have met:

• Dumping in the dunes: Unfortunately, there are those who drive through the dunes in their trucks and jeeps and dump garbage, old car seats, mattresses and television sets.

• Human waste in the dunes: In fishing season, the trucks line up on the river beach. Some of the fishermen don’t want to lose their spot to go to facilities at Area D. So, they defecate in the dunes. The smell is unpleasant and could be a health hazard.

• Littering: The most common items are plastic shotgun wadding, plastic shopping bags, cigarette lighters, bottles and broken toys. Most of these items are left at the beach or in the marshlands.

• Speeding trucks on the beach: They are a danger to walkers and wildlife.

These problems need to be addressed and solved for the good of Fort Stevens State Park.



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