I am writing this letter out of frustration about the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. Normally I put my trust into those who are elected or hired into positions to make laws and regulations, figuring that they are better qualified and educated than myself. But when it comes to the ODFW lately, this does not seem to be the case.

Everyone I talk to is extremely frustrated with the mismanagement of fish and wildlife in our state. Let's start with the Columbia River endorsement fee. This is an additional $12 charged to anyone fishing the Columbia River that was supposed to be used to, after three years, buy out the gillnet permits on the main stem of the Columbia.

As a tradeoff, the sports fisherman were forced to fish with barbless hooks and forfeit fishing near Youngs Bay. After three years and $12 each from 400,000 sport anglers, nothing has changed. I'd like to know where that money went, and continues to go. This sounds like fraud. This money should be being used to beef up hatchery production, and bring more fish returning to our river.

Instead of using our license fees to better our fish and wildlife, the ODFW instead wastes tons of money on creating new websites and ridiculous ideas such as cellphone license and tags that nobody agrees with.

If you are frustrated like me please call, email, or write ODFW and our state representatives. Sportsmen are the greatest conservationists. We deserve better resource management.



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