Lately, I have felt very frustrated with The Astorian. It doesn't seem to know what it wants to be when it grows up.

If you take away the comics and the classifieds, the news about what happened years ago and the Associated Press articles that have nothing really to do with our community, and are readily available in other venues, there isn't much left.

Surely there must be more local news to report on? Why not a synopsis of city council meetings or planning commission meetings? Why not an article about how many doses of vaccine the area has received, and how it is being distributed, and even what the criteria for getting the vaccine is?

Why not an article about the building going on in Warrenton? We see the roads and construction, but no real info on what is going where? Why not an article on what is going on in the Oregon Legislature?

Are you a local paper, or one that reports national news? I would be very interested in seeing more local and up-to-date news on our communities. Please think about this.