I'm still reading the U.S. Constitution, and still haven't found any loopholes, but I've come to the conclusion that the Founding Fathers were excellent furniture makers, specializing in three-legged stools — like for milking cows.

For a stool to work properly, it requires three legs of equal length. If one leg is longer, the stool tips over, and you can't milk the cows. If any legs are shorter, the stool crashes — poor cows. Little is absolute any more, but physics law is. America is a nation of laws, right?

In the kindergarten sandbox, I learned the founders built the "awesomest" stool ever. The executive, judicial and legislative legs — all equal.

Early on, many immigrants (your/my ancestors), tired of dictator, despot, king or tyrant rule, came here. The idea of three equal branches of government checking each other was refreshing.

People wanting their leg of the stool to be the longest is, unfortunately, an age-old recurring theme called greed. Forget the cows.

One of the beautiful characteristics of democracy is each leg has the authority, and obligation, to keep all the legs equal. This results in contented cows.

If one leg goes rogue, who is more at fault? The rogue, or the two who failed to keep the stool level? Huh? Democracy only works if people care enough to make it work. Wouldn't you agree? I do.

Dang, those founders sure could build stools, and you can bet the farm that if the big stool falls, there will be a lot of confused cows.



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