Ten years ago, Michael and Chelsea Granger opened the doors of a business here in Astoria for which any reasonable person would have predicted failure within two years. An art gallery showing only photographs seemed dead in the water. Launched during a recession, to boot.

Now here we are, a decade later, LightBox Photographic Gallery & Fine Printing has mounted more than 100 exhibitions, and the gallery has a reputation for showing high-quality photographic art that has put them on the radar of many photographers nationally, as well a internationally. Amazing.

As a local photographer, LightBox filled a void that I worried about when we decide to move here from Portland. It has provided a community meeting place for like-minded folks to exchange ideas and share their passion for photography.

A core group meets twice a month at the gallery to show our work and hear speakers on education night. It provides the networking with other photographers that has been important to me, and has produced a close bond among those who attend.

Much of the credit for LightBox’s 10-year run is due to Michael’s mastery of the Internet. LightBox has a beautiful webpage (lightbox-photographic.com) on which you can read about current exhibits as well as view all of the photographs from the exhibits going back to LightBox’s opening exhibition. Check it out. Congratulations, LightBox.




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