I am getting old, and I am finding many strange things to get interested in. The most recent is so-called "death taxes." Of course, my friends, acquaintances and relatives are also getting old, and worse, dying.

Some of them planned, or are planning on, leaving some of what they have obtained to younger relatives, organizations like Greenpeace, Gun Owners of America and video lottery machines. Some of them have something to leave as simple as a house.

These houses were purchased many years ago, with the dollars we were using then. Most of the houses have not been improved much, mostly just repairs. But their value has increased greatly, due to the fact that the dollars we are using now are worth a lot less, some say less than half as much, as way back then.

Politicians are all agendas and very little brains. They want to make a lot of expensive changes, which will probably prove to be worse than what we are doing now. Even if they prove to be better, they are not going to bring in big bucks. A dead loss is better than I expect.

Politicians are going to need a lot of money for themselves, their friends and these projects. Taxing the dead is always easier; they tell no tales, and never complain.