I'm grateful for the donation, it's rare to hear about the good:

I'm new to the Chinook, Washington, area (October 2018). One day a person was telling me about a woman who passed away, but ultimately donated her money to Pacific County residents. The search for ways to fulfill the intent of Verna Oller's gift to expand access to swimming education for Pacific County started in 2015. Agreement with city of Astoria was reached in 2016. The program is very successful.

A couple of months ago I entered the Astoria Aquatic Center, showed my identification and utility bill, and have been using the center free and clear. The staff is very helpful, professional and friendly. I am hoping that anybody else who is using the Verna Oller Aquatic Trust is grateful like me. Without this trust I probably could not afford the membership; therefore, limit my opportunities for a more quality fitness program.

With this extreme gratitude, I want to thank the Verna Oller Aquatic Trust, and specifically Verna Oller's vision. So, with all the toxic issues we have going on in our society, it is so refreshing to hear about, and take part in, a benefit the trust offers. Thank you for allowing me to take part in a quality fitness program. The greatest gift is the gift of giving, the second greatest gift is the gift of receiving. This has been a great gift for me, the gift I can give is this gift of gratitude.


Chinook, Washington

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