Don Haskell wrote over 20 paragraphs about how much he loves his guns and gun rights ("Preserve our right to bear arms," The Astorian, Aug. 27). What was glaringly omitted was a single sentence showing any concern whatsoever for the victims of gun violence.

And here's a guy who is pround of his perspective, forged over his 87 years, but he just doesn't care. It's the gun. It's always the gun. It's not mental health, video games, or the media. It's crazies with easy access to an instrument designed to kill.

Until he and others like him shed a tear for the individual victims spread now across the country, we will never have the country we all want. Think of the people you like least in Astoria. You're OK with them walking into any gun store and buying an AR-15? Rights have limits, don't they?

A lady I read about put this brilliant saying on her tapestry: "What member of your family would have to die from gun violence for you to care about gun control?"


Cannon Beach

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