Thank you for publishing Erick Bengel's article on my screenplay, "Golden Ventures" ("Writer believes his Astoria tale inspired 'Goonies'," The Astorian, July 19). If it has actually contributed anything to Astoria, I feel privileged.

As Erick said, I have since retired from adventuring except for occasional recreational mining excursions, and have taken up writing again, recently self-publishing a novel, "The Gold Gang," with Amazon.

Turned it into a script, and am now working on a couple of other projects, including another pre-teen saga called "Horses," which also has youthful derring-do and offbeat crooks to keep them hopping.

Astoria was my second summer home in the mid-1980s, running six-day offshore trips up to the San Juan Islands and back, and I have fond memories still of the town and residents. Go Goonies!


Gold Beach

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