I am appalled at the appearance of collusion I witnessed during the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners meeting I attended on Dec. 9.

Coming on the heels of such generous kudos to Commissioners Kathleen Sullivan and Sarah Nebeker for their previous years of leadership, I was gobsmacked to watch three commissioners ram through a proclamation that had not been processed through the collaborative practices the board has routinely utilized — a move contrary to leadership principles.

In fact, one of the commissioners was made aware of the document only after the chairwoman had already placed it on the meeting agenda.

Despite protestations that the subject of climate change is not political, the actions taken by three commissioners made the subject and the document political. The lack of process indicated that the outgoing commissioners do not trust their replacements, chosen by the voters, to do what they think is in the best interests of county residents.

Chairwoman Sullivan was correct when she said that the work and collaboration should have been done much earlier; but, she was very wrong to indicate that the process is expendable.

I want to remind county commissioners that their positions are nonpartisan and expect them to act accordingly. I look forward to our continuing commissioners and newly elected commissioners working in a collaborative fashion, with accountability and transparency, for the good of county residents.