The considerable friction between Bruce Jones and Sarah Jane Bardy should in good part remain. As a community we are very divided over how development should or shouldn’t be allowed to proceed. It’s good to have strong and differing opinions on our boards, commissions, and City Council to ensure full representation to all of those who call Astoria home.

However, it can be unhealthy for our community if Bardy and Jones only view each other through the lens of a few topics they are strongly divided on. It’s a new year, but it remains to be seen if Astoria has any real newness in it. If I remember accurately, Jones expressed a need for the City Council to focus on a few core things, along with a need to address housing issues, certified daycare and disaster preparedness. There may also be the need to mitigate the local harm being done by the ongoing government shutdown.

It would be good if Jones and Bardy could discover a few things they share a concern or passion for and to find a way to cooperate in those endeavors. Communities are far healthier when people’s natural resentments and divisions are tempered by areas and issues of commonality.



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Miller Sands

If you'd been elected, Sasha, this kind of discord would not be in evidence. Jones has clearly gotten off on the wrong foot in his mayorship. We will be watching

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