I endorse Dan Jesse for Gearhart City Council. I have worked with Dan on the Gearhart Planning Commission, our Community Emergency Response Team and the City Council for over 10 years.

We don't always agree on every issue, but Dan is always thoughtful and helpful in his deliberations, and we have successfully been able to govern through consensus. He adds to our discussions through his perspective as an employer, builder and supporter of our brave volunteer firefighters.

I also endorse Reita Fackerell for Gearhart City Council. I worked with Reita many years ago at the local hospital, and have worked with Reita now for two years on the council. I always find her perspective to be helpful in our deliberations and decision-making.

My experience is that she is level-headed, forthright and honest. She has helped us to maintain an ability to work through complex issues, and still is able to successfully govern through consensus. Her experience as the Seaside Public Library director, with finance and budgeting experience, has helped us to bring greater transparency to city work processes.

Please vote, and vote early.


President, Gearhart City Council

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