It really does not matter your opinion of "wall" or "no wall," we are not the ones to solve the shutdown until the ballot box gets our envelopes, and we must all vote to have our voices heard.

Approximately 1.5 in 10 of us, maybe more, are not getting paid a dime here in Astoria because they are Coast Guard employed, yet still must go to their duty station and perform their jobs. We are a "Designated Coast Guard City," which is a great title for a community to have, and we must celebrate it in good times and bad.

Right now it's bad. Let's help them out in any way you can, with a donation or products. Items we use every day without thought are now important: laundry soap, dog and cat food, toilet paper, gas for the car, let alone food. The Lower Columbia River Chief Petty Officer Association (CPOA) is set up to receive monetary donations that will go to where it is needed the most, along with pop-up food pantries.

We are a community that has many opportunities to donate and volunteer to (i.e. the animal shelter, the library, the Liberty Theatre, the Scandinavian Heritage Park, etc.) but these are folks who help others in need, and save lives. Ask a fisherman who they want help from when their vessel is broken down 60 miles offshore in bad weather. Now is the time to help them. Their services are appreciated.

Donations can be mailed to Lower Columbia River CPOA, P.O. Box 34, Warrenton OR 97146. 




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