Homelessness is becoming more and more relevant in our community. Statewide, there are 14,476 homeless people on any given night in Oregon.

The issue is spreading rapidly through the states, and with many jobs appearing and disappearing, it’s apparent that there are people who are also losing their jobs due to living conditions, lack of skill and even mental disorders.

To help, people can donate, become educated and help homeless individuals by seeking out job opportunities, groups and charities, and overall helping the people who need it.



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Stephen Malkowski

Offer counseling, outreach, affordable housing, food, free dope, free medical care.... and while we are at it let's legalize the most effective gateway drug in existence - pot - to further remove hardships for going down that dark hole of drug abuse. Have you seen the documentary "Seattle Is Dying"? I have volunteered in soup kitchens and homeless shelters. It is first and foremost a drug problem and secondly a mental health problem. Those two things are responsible for 99% of the homeless situation. Many have homes to go to but won't because their families don't allow drugs in the home, so the homeless make a choice to live on the street so they can be free to feed their addiction without any hassle. Mental illness and substance abuse treatments are key in many cases to reverse homelessness. However, said persons cannot be forced into treatment (and forced to continue treatment) unless they are a clear danger to themselves or others. These people need to be placed in institutions where they can be treated by professional psychiatrists etc....not given handouts that make living on the street more comfortable for them.

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