In his letter “Convince people,” (The Astorian, Sept. 9) Robert Liddycoat demands proof that measures to combat the pandemic have had “any effect” on the COVID-19 infection rates and he goes on to claim there is “no statistical evidence” that it has.

Actually, there is plenty of authoritative, peer-reviewed scientific evidence and it’s ridiculously easy to find from reputable sources. He simply has decided not to look because it doesn’t fit his narrative.

All that aside, mandates are not forcing anyone to get vaccinated or mask up. It’s just the government addressing a public safety need because some people are so lacking in respect and compassion for others that they are unwilling to comply with even the simplest of preventative measures to stop this deadly pandemic.

Mandates are simply serving notice that you cannot force others to serve you at their peril. Freedom does not grant you that choice.

If you don’t like it, you are perfectly free to stay home. Have food delivered. Watch TV. Stream movies. Start a work-from-home business. Home-school the kids. Don’t want to vaccinate? Fine! Stay home! The rest of us will be safe from you and the economy can get moving again.

I wonder, does Liddycoat accept any government rules such as speed limits, traffic signals, zoning laws, firing a weapon in city limits, etc. Or, does he view all these how he views vaccine and mask mandates, as fascist impositions on his right to either carelessly or willfully endanger others?