The "Good ol' days" Jan. 4 writer blames "freedom" as the cause of this perceived "lying, cheating and stealing … 'new reality.'"

It should be pointed out that these evils have been well documented for 50,000 years of human existence under all kinds of kings, queens, tsars and, indeed, all forms of government. All have tried to eliminate the problem with various types of laws. None have succeeded.

However, the letter does hit on a new element in the battle, the electronic media — where any idiot can opine, and be heard by millions. This may be the cause of yearning for the "good ol' days." The cure is easy. Do not listen to their rants.

The problem is not freedom. The solution is not slavery. What stands between freedom and chaos is morality. Individuals making good decisions in their daily activities and jobs. There is still plenty of that.

It seems the letter writer does know the difference between right and wrong, even with today's media blathering. It can be done. It is up to each individual to exercise good judgment in each decision they make, and to ignore the nonsense.