I am responding to the recent article, "Astoria to crack down on lawlessness at park" (The Astorian, Feb. 4).

While the article itself was a reasonable, albeit incomplete, report on the discussion held at the City Council meetingĀ of Feb. 1, it failed to note that the Astoria Police Department is already working, and has been for years, with all its available resources and within the legal constraints of Oregon and federal law to limit this "bad behavior."

There is simply nothing more that the police can do to stop this behavior, other than to push it to a different location, where the cycle will repeat itself endlessly. The fact that this City Council decision was made near Groundhog Day is pathetically ironic.

No one should have any illusion that theĀ police department can do any more than it has been doing, and doing with great restraint and sensitivity. The effort and mandate endorsed by the City Council is guaranteed to result in the failure of the objective it is intended to accomplish.

What has been accomplished is that several downtown business owners have gotten City Council action and a headline in this newspaper, neither of which conveys any meaningful substance.