I had an opportunity to talk with state Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell early on in the campaign. At that time, I was impressed with her understanding and loyalty to the working people of this district.

Her own life experience informed the values which she articulated. That focus has not changed with her time in Salem. Tiffiny acted on promises to support working families in the district, invest in education and take real action to protect our environment.

Rep. Mitchell went to the Legislature, studied issues and learned how our state pension structure is affecting current and future budgets. She addressed the impacts of climate change on the health of Oregon’s environment, and on our future jobs. It became clear to her that we cannot continue as we have in the past.

She learned how complex the job of legislating and creating change really is. In acting on what she had learned, she angered certain industries and some of her supporters. Still, she acted on the values which caused her to run. She deserves our support for her active analysis and those hard choices she made.

Some people are now collecting signatures advocating her recall, a solution rarely used, and then only for criminal or blatantly unethical behaviors. If her adversaries simply disagree with her positions, running a candidate in the next election is the appropriate action. It wouldn't cost the taxpayers extra expense, and waste our employee’s time and energy.

Who is it, anyway, funding this recall effort with all the decals and signs? I’m wondering; are you?



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