In the June 20 edition of The Astorian, I read two articles about Jack Harris and the Fort George Brewery. One was about the negative response to his support of HB 2020, which has angered some local businesses and clients ("Fort George Brewery faces backlash over cap-and-trade bill"). Another was his recognition for support that he and the brewery have given to the Astoria School District ("Astoria School District recognizes Fort George").

I have known Jack for more than 20 years, and well before he and co-owner Chris Nemlowill started the Fort George Brewery together. His M.O. has always been to support the community by giving back to it. If you are part of a volunteer organization in Clatsop County, you very likely have received donations from Jack of his time, money and product. His generosity has benefited many of us in the Columbia-Pacific region, and I am very grateful to both he and Fort George for all they have done in this community.

Concerning HB 2020, this may not be an ideal bill, but it is a plan for fighting the climate change that is going to overwhelm all of us, if we don’t make changes soon. Thanks to state Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell for supporting it, and no shout out to state Sen. Betsy Johnson for belittling it.

Waiting for the federal government, under the current president, to do anything about climate change, as our senator implies, is a fool’s errand.



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Slappy McFerrin

A fools errand would be passing legislation that would cost thousands of jobs, scuttle our economy and diminish the quality of life for those living in Oregon, all to accomplish nothing. HB 2020 would've done nothing to move the needle on climate change.

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