Anyone who understands basic economics should agree that the COVID-19 economic relief bill is anything but. The bill is loaded with generous benefits that will kill the incentive for work and slow the recovery.

The math is simple; the incredible rate of borrowing will spark an inflationary spiral that will surely raise interest rates, which will in turn increase the interest payments of our staggering debt to levels that will cripple the government's ability to engage in other economic necessities.

Also, that inflationary spike that rising interest rates cause will create a deep recession that will dwarf the 2008 one. And now the current holder of the office of president wants to spend another $2 trillion on infrastructure? That's $4 trillion in three months in office.

Our grandchildren's grandchildren, their grandchildren and their grandchildren will be paying for this fiscal stupidity for more years than our country has been a country.

We are already seeing it in our everyday staple purchases. It's only going to get worse.