As a very experienced licensed captain and general contractor, I would like to share some insight about issues at Clatsop Community College and the college board.

The proposed expansion at the Marine and Environmental Research and Training Station campus is a complete waste of money. The expensive design and materials were not what the design committee recommended (I was on the committee), and the $8 million of available funds were exceeded to $22 million.

I have presented the concerns of design, cost and materials to the full board on several occasions, with only one board member, Tim Lyman, being concerned and researching the issues.

Please go to for more information about the issues at CCC. Please join me in voting for Trudy Van Dusen Citovic, Patrick Preston and Suzanne Iverson. Also, please write in Michael Balensifer for Zone 3, Position 5.

If the college and board continue to waste money and build this building, it will severely cripple the maritime program and the college. I am a maritime instructor at CCC, and would enjoy talking to anyone wishing more information.

Ask the board how much money they have wasted on this project.