The campaign to recall Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell should be an interesting subject to Clatsop County voters.

As a very active Democrat for 65 years, it was difficult for me to leave the party. The Clatsop County Democratic club refused to allow me, a registered Democrat, to speak to the the club regarding my candidacy for county commissioner.

Rep. Mitchell is a direct outgrowth of this type of political organization, but she deserves to be heard, and I attended several of her voter outreach meetings.

I have tried to communicate with her about issues that concern rational, informed Clatsop County residents. These issues relate to positive approaches which should be taken by Oregon to attack global warming and the lack of Cascadia emergency preparations. To date, no response.

I believe she is a caring person who wants to do a good job, but is totally unequipped because of her limited experience base to do the job. I further believe that despite her best efforts, her positions on issues will be compromised by the pressure which is exerted by the individuals and organizations who bought her election.

In my opinion, we need representatives in Salem like Sen. Betsy Johnson, who have the experience and strength to make rational choices for the future. Unfortunately, the recent history of the Oregon Democratic machine, of which Rep. Mitchell is a bought-and-paid-for part, is just as fatally flawed as the chaotic Oregon Republican mess.

Rep. Mitchell, whom I commend for her service, has demonstrated to me that, unfortunately, she is not that person.



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