I keep seeing election posters saying “reelect” Su Coddington, Celeste Bodner, Erika Marshall Hamer, Katharine Parker and Mike Hinton to the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District Board of Directors. What a joke. The only member of the board that could be reelected is Hinton.

You can’t be reelected if you weren’t elected in the first place, and it just so happens that the remaining four board members were all appointed to their positions to complete the terms of board members who resigned.

Speaking of jokes, in an online chat box during the April 29 election forum, executive director Skyler Archibald’s wife said if Skyler leaves the district, staff would, too. I doubt that those individuals would leave their well-paying jobs in a show of loyalty to Archibald, especially in light of the pandemic we’re facing right now.

I ask voters to cast their votes for the following candidates to fill those board positions: Al Hernandez, Steve Morrison, Jackie Evans, Patrick Duhachek and John Huismann. These candidates will do a much better job of protecting our tax dollars.