It's easy to complain, and it's hard to be patient. However, Clatsop County has done an excellent job in difficult times of rolling out the vaccines in priority order. We are seeing first hand how this is working out.

Our daughter works front line in Clatsop County health care, and was vaccinated in January. Our son-in-law, who is front line in county law enforcement, received his second COVID-19 vaccine this week.

My husband and I are both in our 70s, and eagerly awaiting our turn to receive our vaccines. However, we recently learned that educators will be vaccinated ahead of us seniors.

We also have three grandchildren who are participating in online learning since last March. They have been successful in this new learning environment, but we are anxious for them to meet their teachers face to face, and interact with their classmates. We feel strongly that in-person learning should be a community priority.

We will continue to wait, as patiently as we can, for our turn. In the meantime, kudos to Clatsop County for doing their best with limited resources.