My Republican friends, the threat to our country is not from the poor souls fleeing violence arriving at our Southern border. Nor is it from Democrats trying to make sure you have health care, child care, a livable minimum wage and a plan to battle climate change.

No, the threat to our nation is from Russia attacking our democracy, and the current occupant of the White House denying all evidence of it, and obstructing any inquiry into it.

What follows is a letter I wrote to U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, and I urge you to do the same:

It is time for Congress to act. Enough is enough. The Trump strategy to deny, delay, distract, disrupt and disinform is shredding our Constitution. It is time to stand up to this bully once and for all.

Enough with Democrats making the political calculus of whether this helps or hurts the chances of voting him out of office. Enough with waiting to see if the public supports impeachment, or worrying if the Republicans in the Senate would convict.

In the Nixon era the public was not in favor of impeachment when the hearings began, and the Republican party was strongly in support of Nixon. Look how that turned out.

Stop leading from behind. Lead from the front. Do your job and uphold your oath to defend our Constitution. Protect our nation and our democracy from this authoritarian demagogue and his minions.



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Stephen Malkowski

One criterion for asserting Executive Privilege is obeying the law. Much of the Mueller report material is classified for national security reasons; these have already been offered to those Congressmen, including Nadler, with the security clearances necessary to view the stuff. Nadler and his fellows have refused to view the stuff. Much of the underlying docs are similarly classified. Since Nadler, et al., have refused to look at what's on offer, making the rest available is pointless, and nothing is lost by asserting Executive Privilege over it.
The rest of the redacted material and much of the rest of the underlying are grand jury material; it's illegal to release any of that except to grand juries. Nadler refuses (and his boss objects, too) impeachment proceedings, which is the only venue in which Congress can be a grand jury.
Nadler is trying to hold Barr in Contempt of Congress for the heinous crime of obeying the law. If anyone is behaving contemptibly, it's Nadler.

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