It’s too bad that the Trump administration invited representatives of the Timber Unity movement to participate in its environmental leadership conference. It taints the movement by suggesting members want to move in the same direction on climate change as Trump — backward.

Timber Unity formed in opposition to the Oregon Legislature’s effort to pass a cap and trade bill. That bill was Oregon’s first attempt to get serious about slowing climate change. The main argument put forward by the timber industry, which led the opposition to the bill, and helped found Timber Unity, was their concern over rising fuel prices that might result if it passed.

A few dollars more in fuel costs seems to me a small price to pay, considering the climate disaster the children and grandchildren of the Timber Unity folks will inherit if we fail to act soon to lessen its impact.

Fuel costs weren’t the real reason for the industry’s concern. Recent scientific research done at Oregon State University identifies the timber industry as the largest producer of greenhouse gases in the state. Doesn’t that make the industry and Timber Unity responsible for offering a solution to climate change, instead of obstructing?

While we are waiting for their solution, we should celebrate Timber Unity’s tree decal. It’s a great reminder that we need forest restoration, not more clearcuts. When you see a vehicle with the decal, show them some love. Give them a horn honk, a wave and a smile.



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