A new movement seems to have sprung to life: “I do not comply”.

As in, I do not comply with any public health measures that a civil society puts in place to protect itself from a highly contagious and deadly disease. As in, nobody can make me get a vaccine, wear a mask, social distance, or quarantine if I am sick. None of it. My insistence to do as I please stands highest above all.

Echos of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” In this case, give me liberty, or give me death by COVID. Also, give me liberty or give me death of the innocent people I infect, or the people they then infect. Also, give me liberty or give me death of the selfless health care workers whom I infect as they save my life, or death of their children they infect who are too young to be vaccinated. Also, give me liberty or give me death of a person with a heart attack, or a stroke, or any other of a whole host of ailments and traumas who cannot get care at a hospital which is filled to the brim with infected liberty hoarders.

I don’t know which is more stunning: the selfishness, or the absence of any sense of self-preservation.

Like polio, or smallpox, or measles, the way to end this scourge is through vaccination. Please, for your own sake, and the sake of those you come in contact with, get the shot.