Imagine that you live in a place without the legitimate privilege to drive. You cannot drive yourself to work, you cannot drive your children to school, hospitals, or soccer games.

You try to avoid driving as much as possible, but there are times when you need to get to the emergency room late at night, or your ride to work failed you, then you drive praying you won't be pulled over by a police officer just this one time.

Then, in one of those few times that you drive, you get in a car wreck. It isn't your fault, but the officer arrests you for driving without a license and without insurance. You are taken into custody, and it is found out that you are in this country undocumented.

You are worried to death because your family depends on your income to survive and more importantly, you are a father or a mother whose children are waiting home for you.

Now, you are facing deportation and you will most like be sent back to your country where you have nothing to go to. Your family is here. Your future is here, and as uncertain as your future looks here, this is where you want to be with your family.

Please write to your legislators to support driver's licenses for all — House Bill 2015, the Equal Access To Roads Act.



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william furnish

Color me naive, I totally fail to see any logic in your letter. You admit up front that the un-named "you" lacks a law-required license to drive, then you postulate the anonymous 'you' is found to be in the country unlawfully (an illegal alien). What is the issue? Does a perceived 'need' to drive make laws irrelevant?

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