North Coast Recovery has always welcomed with open arms someone’s family member, friend, loved one or neighbor that other facilities have asked to leave or kicked out. All because their insurance termed, benefits maxed, they couldn’t pay their deductible or out of pocket, had behavioral issues, relapsed once, or couldn’t pay their rent at the sober living house.

Most of those kicked out would have ended up on the streets of Astoria, homeless, had we not taken them into our program and into the transitional housing right away. If they didn’t know we were an option, they’ve been seen walking the streets towing their suitcases and trash bags.

If they were not from this area, they didn’t have any money to get back to their home town, and their family didn’t, either. So, they became another member of the homeless of Astoria.

You may not have known until now, but North Coast Recovery has been, and is making a difference in the city of Astoria and in Clatsop County. We want to continue to do so, but we need the help and support of you, our community, now.

That is why we recently created North Coast Recovery Foundation, and are able to receive donations and offer tax deductible receipts. All donations will go directly to meeting the treatment needs of someone’s family member, friend, loved one or neighbor.

I am one of the employees who was laid off, but continue to volunteer. I have seen lives transformed.



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