The Daily Astorian's Feb. 13 story, "State Legislature considers community energy bill," and Feb. 19 letter, "Renewable energy," document two inadequate approaches to meeting the North Coast's electrical needs. Oregon has predicted that a Cascadia Subduction Zone event will eliminate electrical service to us for three to six months, and generator fuel for one month.

We need a local renewable power source, as proposed and designed by a locally based public utility district in formation, Cascadia PUD. Our present power supplier has already declined to help us. One set of solar panels atop the county building is just their typical sop to local politicians so they can continue to sell us overpriced Wyoming renewable energy, which does nothing to mitigate Cascadia outages.

Oregon already allows us to form a local PUD, like all surrounding areas have intelligently formed. PUDs have preferential rights to purchase Bonneville hydropower at lower rates than investor-owned utilities like our present electrical supplier. This could save us millions on our electrical bills. PUDs are already developing locally based renewable energy supplies which will not go down in a Cascadia event; we can, too.

Our present supplier will use scare tactics and glib outside legal teams to try to prevent being bought out by the proposed Cascadia PUD. These will be the last gasps from a dying unresponsive bunch of 1 percent investors who have been plundering us for years.



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