The Feb. 4 editorial in The Astorian, "Rational immigration reform," made me think about the book by Andrew Yang, where he discusses the coming and accelerating loss of employment here and abroad due to worker displacement by artificial intelligence and robotics. How do you factor in the need for immigrant labor with Yang's prediction, which is already happening?

I think President Joe Biden's approach to immigration, by addressing the cause, is far better than the Trump administration's attempt to treat the immigration symptoms with walls and deportation. However, Biden's approach — by helping poor countries build their economies — is futile if there is no additional effort to bring down birth rates into sync with job creation rates. Investing in economic growth can lead to increased carbon dioxide production.

I wouldn't consider the U.S. as a "low population country," except that it is not as crowded as others. Our conversion rate of farmland to development is alarming. We should remember that we should be sharing the land with other life forms, both animal and plant. Our anthropocentric egos make us think that we own it all, and that having dominion means it's valid to inflict destruction upon nature.